Wild About Walleye

There’s something about a shore lunch of walleye that’s served with baked beans, maybe some creamed corn and pan-fried potatoes on a remote island on that makes my mouth water. Anyone who’s taken a launch trip on Lake of the Woods knows what I’m talking about.

This time of the year, a lot of people have turned their attention to angling for the elusive walleye, which is among the best-tasting freshwater fish in the world. I know several of my friends who already have hit the water.

I got to thinking about walleyes after reading some recipes from Kris Winkelman of the Winkelman family fame. Every so often, our outdoor editor, Brad Dokken, passes on an e-mail from Kris that contains a few recipes from her "Ultimate Wild Game and Fish Cookbook, which is available for $10 plus $9 shipping and handling at www.winkelman.com or (800) 333-0471.

Sometimes, I post one of the recipes on my blog under the section titled "Men Gone Wild," which as you can guess from its title is a bunch of easy-to-prepare wild game recipes that even a man without much cooking experience can make.

The latest entry is called Low-Calorie Lemon Walleye. (Click on the link to the right to view.) It’s a tasty recipe for walleye that is breaded and baked. It gives you the delicious coating that you find with deep-friend fish but without the added fat.

For those of you who might be going out fishing and are in need of a walleye shore lunch recipe, here’s one from Red Indian Lodge on Whitefish Bay on Lake of the Woods that looks mighty tasty. It’s not low-cal, but heck, we all have to splurge once in a while.

Shore Lunch Walleye
2 eggs
½ cup milk
8 walleye fillets
1 cup of cornmeal/cracker crumbs
1 pound lard
1 pound bacon
Beat eggs and milk in empty minnow bucket. Dip fillets in mixture and coat with cornmeal/cracker crumbs and set aside. Fry bacon over open campfire with ¼ of the lard in a large cast-iron skillet. Remove bacon and serve as an appetizer.
Next, add balance of lard and place fillets (rib cage side up) in pan. Fry to a golden brown
on each side, approximately 4 minutes. Serve with your favorite sides such as baked beans and fried potatoes.