Pheasant Nachos

Anyone who regularly hosts holiday parties knows that you can’t have too many good recipes for appetizers. Tasty appetizers can really jazz up a party and set the tone for the rest of the night.

I subscribe to that philosophy. In fact, I’d rather graze at an appetizer table than eat a main course at a party.

Appetizers have been on my mind lately. And I can thank Nancy Klatt for that.

Nancy, who works for Altru Health System, is weekend regular at Altru’s Fitness Center, where I work out. She mentioned to me that she and her husband, Al, had tried a recipe of mine for Southwestern Pheasant Soup and that they really liked it.

During the course of the conversation, she said Al had a good recipe for pheasant nachos. I said the recipe sounded pretty good and asked if Al would mind sharing it.

Later that day, Al sent me the recipe via email. He said the recipe is very good and has been a hit with anyone who has ever tried it. He added, “It makes a fantastic appetizer, and anything with bacon and onions in it is going to be good.”

Here’s the recipe, which I hope to try soon. My mouth already is watering.

Pheasant Nachos
½ pound bacon
1 large onion
4 pheasant breasts (or chicken breasts)
1/3 bottle Zesty Italian dressing
Scoop tortilla chips
Grated cheese
Salsa of your choice
Chop bacon, onion and pheasant into 1/3-by-1/3-inch pieces.
In large fry pan, cook bacon and onions over medium high heat. When about half done, add pheasant and Zesty Italian dressing.
Cook until all ingredients are done and dressing is reduced.
Lay out Scoop tortilla chips on either microwave-safe plates or a cookie sheet. Scoop ingredients into tortilla chips. Sprinkle grated cheese on top.
If on plates, put into microwave until cheese melts. If on cookie sheet, put in oven and broil just until cheese melts.
Spoon on your favorite salsa and enjoy.
Note: Bacon will slice easier if it is half-frozen.